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Unsolicited Advice: See a band you don't know

Unsolicited Advice: See a band you don't know
Photo by Oscar Keys on Unsplash

We have all felt the anticipation that arises the day of a show you've been dying to see. Do they still have it? Will they play this song? When should I get there? In what emotional or physical state should I attempt to be in?

It why we go to shows: to connect or reconnect with the bands whose music has gotten us through good and bad times.

But, as I say with all seriousness, it can sometimes be a tense situation you find yourself in. Especially if this is a favorite band... who hasn't been touring recently or at all. Especially if you've shelled out significant money for close seats.

May I humbly suggest you occasionally make a habit of seeing a local show of a band you've never heard of. First of all, you are directly supporting live music, an action we enthusiastically endorse here. Secondly, you are able to enjoy the experience with zero expectations. If it rocks, you'll have had a great time and have an even better story to tell.

I'm not saying you have to go in completely unaware. You can scan a couple of local shows and listen to a few tracks to make a more informed decision. You can focus on the types of music you prefer and find people in that genre.

But, I'm what I'm advocating for is to stop treating concerts as a big-ticket event you can only do a couple of times a year.

Enlist friends to participate. Have a group of friends in a concert club, which, if you think about it, is really no different than a book club. Each month, one person picks a show to go to, and everyone attends. Or you can pick a venue you've been meaning to try and focus less on who is actually playing that night. Of course, this also works with DJs, but I feel like people are already more advanced in trying out new clubs.

If you have kids, obviously the familial environment can interfere. Maybe you don't need a babysitter - you can just have your kid(s) have a later than normal playdate. Go to a show and then immediately go home. No different than seeing a movie you've heard some people recommend from a director that is new to you.

Or, alternatively, you can make this part of an upcoming trip. I know I personally in the past have searched in vain for the perfect coincidence of a planned trip with a band I've been dying to see. Forget all that jazz! Just go to a venue nearby and see whoever is there. They're probably pretty good - they're touring artists, right?

Are you single and need a way to demonstrate to an upcoming date that you're spontaneous, full of culture, and unbothered by the possibility of something going wrong? Have I got an idea for you... go see a random show! Maybe - that random band makes it huge. And maybe you stick around with that person forever. What a story you'll have to tell.

That's it - go see a random show. You may love it. You may hate it. But life will go on, and you'll have plenty of stress-inducing shows on the horizon.